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Inside the workshop, I will show you everything you need to bring your skills online and build a sustainable business producing or mixing artists you like. But some people
really want to double down, "add fuel to the fire," and take it to the next level. I have
a bonus training available on how to create high converting websites for your music production business that'll absolutely & automatically turn visitors into paying clients & and give you "extra cred" that'll put your brand outside of competition.

damn good business

Sign up and watch this 90 minute step-by-step video that'll teach you...

✅ A no-bs, replicable business model that'll allow you to monetize your craft and get high paying clients on demand. No more posting content 24/7 & hoping a client will reach out eventually. 

✅ Step by step instructions (with checklist) on how to position yourself outside of competition, gain an unfair advantage and start charging premium prices as a service provider.

✅ BONUS: "Massive Self-Confidence". Effective techniques I learned from 5+ years of full-time producing and over 200 therapy sessions on how to overcome mental blocks and impostor syndrome in regards to making $ (aka "who am I to ask that much money for my work", etc...) like a boss.

✅ BONUS 2: "Client Conversion Script & Training": A sentence-by-sentence instruction to effortlessly turn artists into high-paying clients + a bonus training with some of my personal "hacks" and best practices I learnt from closing over 150 clients.

✅ PDF of the entire framework + worksheets . 

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