I know mixing sub-par recorded vocals "radio-ready" can be really hard. With the "Vocal Mixing Blueprint" I created a super-effective 5 Step Blueprint that'll teach you how to turn demo-sounding vocals into top-tier, clean & crisp vocals easily! (includes vocal mixing racks & template for Ableton Live)


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"Timeless Techniques"

Create music that doesn't rely on fast-dying trends to be commercially successful... 

...get more streams, build a rock solid brand & develop a long lasting career.

Sign up and watch this step-by-step workshop video that'll...

✅ give you a deep understanding of what makes music timeless & how you can exploit that for yourself and your music.

✅ equip you with a bag of practical techniques you will be able to instantly infuse into your own workflow & give your music "an unfair advantage" in the biz.

✅ BONUS: A simple, 5 step process on how to get "Analog - In - The - Box" mixdowns.

✅ BONUS 2: 5 Ableton Live Racks that will help you achieve faster mixes & easy vintage effects.

✅ BONUS 3: Some of my go-to retro-futuristic serum presets from the vault.

A sneak peek of what we cover inside:

"Timeless Theory" - we pinpoint exactly what timelessness is (and isn't), WHAT it means to us in 2021 and beyond, WHY the concept will continue to stay relevant + all of the building blocks of an evergreen.

The "Practical Af" part - 100% hands-on, no bs techniques and tools to instantly incorporate into your music.

"Analog-In-The-Box Mixdowns" - My step-by-step workflow on getting those weighty, glued, and "chunky" mixes in your DAW.

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