"damn good" Podcast

"damn good" Podcast

Hosted by: Eduard Kort

Welcome to The "DAMN GOOD" Podcast, where I help music producers and audio professionals build sustainable careers in the new music business.


Episode 20 - Vincent Hervy. 5 things you DO NOT need to make money as a music producer.

Season #3 Episode #1

follow Vincent Hervy on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vincent.hervy follow producerdevelopment: https://www.instagram.com/producerdevelopment/
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Episode 19 - EDES. Amassing over 1 million streams as a niche artist.

Season #2 Episode #9

Welcome back! in this episode, I sit down with Norwegian producer, songwriter (and sometimes singer) EDES to chat about European culture, how he manages to balance a music career with a job and family &...
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Episode 18 - La Felix. Balancing a Full Time Job with a Full Time Career.

Season #2 Episode #8

What's Gucci? I hope you're doing well. This week on the cast: La Felix! I've been a fan of La Felix for many years and he definitely served as an inspiration for my evolution as a music producer. Tune in to listen...
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Episode 17 - Steven Slate. Plugins, artist promotion & Coffee.

Season #2 Episode #7

Join me and Steven Slate for a short & snappy chat! We talk about artist promotion, which plugin company is the best, overcoming hardships and coffee! Socials: https://slatedigital.com/ ...
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Episode 16 - KSHMR. Commerce vs. artistry & music production talk.

Season #2 Episode #6

In this episode, KSHMR & the Funk Lord sit down for a late-night podcast sesh and talk about what it means to be unique as an artist and how important it is in regards to gaining success + nerdy music production...
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Episode 15 - Maddy @Burstimo. What to do during the COVID-19 crisis as a musician.

Season #2 Episode #15

In this episode, Maddy from London’s music marketing powerhouse Burstimo drops by to talk about the curling COVID-19 crisis and what (the hell!) we as musicians should do to keep our careers alive. A positive,...
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Episode 14 - Pat Lok. Splice, crafting a unique sound & dealing with impostor syndrome.

Season #2 Episode #4

Heyyyy Welcome back! In this episode, one of my favorite producers and I sit down to talk about how Splice changed the sample game forever and how the future might look like. He also opens up about how he deals with...
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Episode 13 - Chris Punsalan. Crushing Youtube, Selling Beats & Promoting Yourself as an Artist

Season #2 Episode #13

The man, the myth, the legend - Chris Punsalan. One of my personal top 3 episodes form this season. Get yourself some coffee and let's get this thing rollin' Follow...
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Episode 12 - Olli from Oeksound: Soothe, Spiff, Being a CEO in your 20s. + GIVEAWAY!

Season #2 Episode #3

Welcome back! In this episode Olli, one of the masterminds behind Soothe & head honcho @Oeksound and 'chur boy get all nerdy about vsts, being a CEO of a music company in your 20s, competition and a...
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Episode 11 - Alex & Maddy @Burstimo: Spotify Playlists, TikTok, Content Creation & Branding.

Spotify Playlists, TikTok, Branding and Content Creation for artists. That and much more is the topic of today's episode of the Damn Good Podcast with my friends Maddy & Alex from Burstimo. Burstimo is a UK music...
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Episode 10 - Tyler Acord/Lophiile: Navigating the new music business & working your way to the top.

Season #2 Episode #1

Welcome back to the second season! We’re starting off HOT with record producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Lophiile. He is a member of the American R&B group Radiant Children and is a former member...
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Episode 9 - Nicholas Di Lorenzo, Panorama Mastering: Nuggets of wisdom from an industry professional. Actionable steps to a lasting career.

  Nicholas Di Lorenzo is a professional mastering engineer, operating from Panorama Mixing & Mastering in Melbourne, Australia. With hundreds releases and years of experience under his belt he’s no stranger to...
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